Connoisseurs Summer Stramash

STRAMASH, n., v. Also stramush [strɑ′mɑʃ]

1. An uproar, commotion, hubbub, disturbance, a broil, squabble, row
2. A state of great excitement or rage, a fury
3. A smash, crash, mishap, accident, disaster, ruinous event
4. A state of ruin or dilapidation, wreckage, a smashed or shattered condition
5. To create a disturbance, kick up a row, be rowdy
6. To shatter, to smash to pieces

Rules of the Stramash:

– £50 a ticket
– Source bottles of whisky valued over £100 each
– Share them out until finished

Confirmed attendees only. The more people the more whisky…

30th August 2018 - 7:30pm


Whisky we tried at this tasting

  • Bains
  • Paul John 6yo – Cadenheads
  • Clynelish 19yo – Duncan Taylor
  • Alfonso Oloroso Sherry
  • Arran 20yo – Broddick Bay
  • Glen Scotia – Single Cask Shop Bottling
  • Ardbeg – Kildalton

A few photos from the night

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